Trebuchet Video!

Here is video from a trebuchet event that was held last weekend.
Our team built a floating arm Trebuchet. We learned a lot!

Very cool machine. The floating arm seems to have given it a very smooth delivery system. It should have been pretty consistent.

Very Kewl.
What were you throwing? How heavy was the projectile?
I built a Trebuchet at IVY Tech for one of my classes. It was a 1/4 scale bucket Trebuchet. We could throw a one pound croquet 102 feet. We had 100 pounds in our weight bucket.

Got to love trebuchets. How far were you throwing and what were the weights of your CW and projectile?

Oh and here is mine

We were throwing 150 feet and they were cantaloupes.


that is awesome! one of my friends is a trebuchet fanatic so i am going to have to show her this video!
also, was your team at the Palmetto Regional?

poor cantaloupes :eek: haha very cool !!!:smiley:

Starting tomorrow, we’re building trebuchets for a classroom competition as our final (nothing to do now that AP/IB testing is over). The floating arm looks pretty awesome.