Trench bots unite!

Anyone designing/building a trench bot this year? I know our students and mentors have a couple designs, one being a trench bot for this years game, due to being able to maneuver through the zone with no interference and seemingly faster cycle times which is one of our main design implementations.


we are also desigining a trench bot. Gonna be super easy to get around on the field

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We are building a trench bot that has a pivoted “tube” that will swivel up to shoot at the target and swing down to fit in the trench.


Yep – trench bot building team here. We’re also trying to play defence, shoot high, climb, and do the spinny thing too (yes – control panel, I know) though, so I predict it’s all going to go south pretty soon.


Same for my team but attempting to be able to shoot the low goal as well. My team always builds skyscrapers, trying not to do that again!

1551 is going trenchbot.

Yeah – do you think your team’s going to be able to pull it off? I think we’ll be able to get mediocre-ly ok at everything and end up a bit of a useless jack of all trades.

From how our design is…unfolding…we are also building a ‘trench-former’ :wink:


I’d like to hope we can, with our progress at this point we can do it probably not going under trench or just barely fitting.

Robot detaches trench from field and moves it up to pass underneath.


Trench-former gang unite :slight_smile:

Team 395 is building a trench bot.

We are designing to go under the trench. We decided early that the efficient and protected route across the field has a high chance of being critical at high levels of play.

Besides, if we decide we made the wrong choice, we can always build up. Building down, on the other hand, is quite a bit more difficult.


7577 in trench

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That’s a neat video, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t the trench. That video (at time of posting) shows a video of a robot climbing a mock-up of the shield generator.

Sorry I only have this video right now, but it’s the general idea about a trench bot.

Nice trench gang! We are in the process of folding our climber within the frame perimeter today and hopefully Monday.

gang gang.

yea were going for trench too. hoping we can shoot from the trench as well. low and fast

We’re going low bot. It really constrained the robot design in ways that were totally unexpected, and in quite significant ways. We’re still going to be a good high goal shooter, and a reliable climber. But the path to get there is going to be markedly higher and we’re dropping things like a control panel mech and adjustable shooter.

I would also take into consideration that if lost of teams wish to use the trench as a navigation route, then it will become a choke point.