Trench Contact Rules

If your robot is partially in the trench and an opponent makes contact with your robot, are there any ramifications for the opponent alliance?

Only if they are also partially in the TRENCH RUN

Does this help:


This is actually the best thing I’ve seen so far

I was so confused but now I get it. I have dark theme enabled.


So, where are you safe to shoot in the trench run? If your bumpers are completely inside the trench run, the opposing alliance’s robot can’t touch you without violating G10, a tech foul worth 15 points (a robot’s limit worth of inner port shots) - and you still hold the power cells to try again.

(They can still block your shots if you take them low.)

Thank you so much. That cleared up G10.

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The smaller section of the trenches behind the Control Panel tunnel thing is 56 inches from the side walls and 46 inches back, so most robots are safe there.

At the beginning of the season, I did some basic trajectory modeling, and from just past the control panel, even a low shooter can’t be blocked from a robot outside the trench zone.

Yeah I whipped it up in inkscape real quick so it has a transparent background.

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