Trench run capability

I feel that this late into the season this is actually a good conversation to have. Where do teams see the value of a trench low cycle bot, focusing on fast cycle and overwhelming Power Cell control?


I would imagine that’s part of it. Another thing to consider though is that going low opens up another travel route for the bot not just to avoid potential defense to but to also avoid potential field clogs.

I still think trench bots are going to play a key role. Not because being short is inherently better for this game (there will be AMAZING tall bots for sure), but once teams have seen the game, prepped their defensive strategies, and have some drive time under their belts, the ability to take the trench across the field will save a lot of time.

Unless your robot becomes the clog…

2020 low bot will need to be careful not to drive over power cell under the control panel and get jammed underneath.


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I just wanted to mention that the that trench capable robots could have much lower to the ground bumpers which under heavy defence may be good.

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Climbing will be pretty difficult if you have less than an inch of ground clearance, regardless if you’re a short bot or not.



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Trench robots will have a harder time climbing anyways as packaging and reach distance add complexity. If you are not climbing and you are a trench robot what bumper height makes sense? Is the extra ground clearance worth the 5 park points and access to the center of the field? Is it better to have very low bumpers? I think that trench robots that can not climb will benefit from low bumpers.

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If you’re good enough to care about the benefits from low bumpers, you’re definitely good enough to see the importance of climbing and at least give it a shot.


That is not a bot that should be made


If your robot can do nothing else, it should be able to climb.


Ours is only 27" tall, and hangs, and fits into my Tahoe. Both capabilities verified yesterday. Woot!


So does ours… in CAD.

Though I don’t have a Tahoe in CAD.


What if you’re really banking on riding 3847s buddy climb? :thinking:


If you are scoring 10 balls in a similar time it would take to climb I dont see climbing as a need to have at a week 1.

Our robot is 27.5", climbs very well (IMHO), and we elected to put our bumpers about 1.75" off the ground. We are working on another solution to keep the lemons from getting underneath the bumpers/bot. We run the trench and can go over the bumps and climb. This was not difficult (however, we don’t shoot the high goals, so that was our tradeoff).

I think that’s a pretty big if. Good week 1 robots will be scoring 10 balls in an entire match let alone in the final 20ish seconds.


I think 20 second cycles are actually fairly reasonable to expect out of the top 5 teams at a week 1. I dont see teams that can only score 10 balls a match being in that category.

Those teams can and will have climbers