Trend Micro Antivirus and the Driverstation

We have a student with Trend Micro Antivirus on his Windows 11 laptop in addition to MS Defender Firewall. The laptop is able to ping the robot but the driverstation never connects.

Having Trend Micro seems is the only obvious difference to many other laptops with which we have no problem using the Driverstation. The MS Defender firewalls are all turned off (all 3 of them!). We’ve looked at settings in the AV program – none is obviously relevant and we’ve tried changing several that looked like they might be relevant all without success.

This isn’t critical – having the DS on programming students’ laptops is mainly to make it easy for them to get familiar with operating it and dealing with the kinds of problems that arise. But if someone has experience with this configuration we’d appreciate the help.

Could you share a screenshot of your Driver Station diagnostics tab when you are connected to the robot?

Thanks. We’ll get that this evening.

Sorry for the delay, but we got the requested screenshot tonight. Also took one of a cmd window doing pings and also an ssh (didn’t follow through to login but what’s there shows that there is access to the ssh port).

The team number is not set. You can set the team number by clicking on the “cog” icon located on the left-hand side (3rd icon down).


Thank you! I should know better. Never crossed my mind in this case. Another set of eyes is most appreciated.

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