Tribotec Team # 1382 Charaters

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am a brazilian animator and below are some images of our team work. ( 2 of our charaters)
no illumination, only materials

Felipe Reis

Animation Group - Tribotec Team #1382

HeY they look like dudes from the “SimS” LoL

well, we´re using low poly model, instead of modeling their faces, we put a image file.
And we didn´t use maps from The Sims.
Soon i´ll post more images.

is one of them you? :slight_smile:

Im posting more images from our animation. Any comments are welcome.



The attached picture is the same as the link in your original post.

For the next pictures, use the Gallery, not attach to post. Martus doesn’t want many images posted as attachments. There is a post he made somewhere about it, but I don’t want to find it right now :slight_smile: