Tribotec Team - New Web Site

Hi…I am member from Tribotec Team #1382 - a Brazilian team- and we our Marketing/PR Team are developing our new website…The new website is already online, but some sections are under construction. I’d like that all chiefdelphi community visit our new site and give suggestions…to make it better…thanks all!! :slight_smile:

The link is above:

Looks good. :slight_smile:

I can’t read most of it, but I’ll comment on graphics and such. :wink:

First off, I’m not sure you can put the FIRST Logo on a different color background as you did. Read the Logo Standards for complete rules on using it.

Specifically these rules:

Do not obscure and weaken our logos by placing them on visually active background patterns, strong textures or incompatible shades of color.

Besides that I actually have no other comments, it looks great. I love the logo. :slight_smile:

I like it. I would like it even better if i coudl read it!

Edit: Wow, thats incredible, I love it!!

I like the layout of the site. Two things: The FIRST logo up in the banner is muddy, and I don’t think that will go over with FIRST (I cant see you having any problems with the logo on the navy background). Secondly, I love the language selector up in the top left, but it takes away from the banner. If you have the .fla file, I’d suggest that you make a new layer that fills in the rest of the banner. Other than that, I looks great.

Just in case you guys missed it, in the top left corner, if you click on the flash, you can change the website into English…

Nice website tho…

you are right! I read the document :

Logo Standards

and I realized that the FIRST logo can’t be in a different way!! I really dint’t know that!!! Thanks a lot!!! : ) Thanks all suggestions…that’s really important for us from Tribotec Team…

FIRST community, keep on giving suggestions because it’s really useful to improve the website…

I hate flash when it is used for functional elements. I’d highly recommend replacing that flash piece to switch the language with either some snazzy javascript or some less snazzy CSS rollovers.

It’s just an accessability thing.

Yeah I didn’t realize it at first either, though personally I don’t see what the big deal is.

Hmm…I didn’t even notice the language converter, i figured all that was just part of the graphic.

I love the layout and the content is great but I didn’t realize that it can be changed to English until I read nartak’s post. An easier to find “change language” button would be great.

On the sponsors english page,

you say US dollar 200,00.

I assume you mean 200.00 (replacing the comma with the period in this case is the way to go).

If you mean twenty thousand, then put the comma like 20,000 (three digits at the end).

Thanks for noting that…seems like we made a slight error in typewriting heheh…
The value is $ 200.00 … it ended up as 200,00 by mistake (in Brazil, a comma replaces the period, to indicate decimal places/tenths/thousandths, cents, etc)…

Beautiful work.
Thank you for the language options as well.

Thank you so much! But the button"Change language" has been written, yeah, our programmer didn’t change the flags, sorry, In portuguese, the correct flag would be the eua’s flag, not brazilian…
Sorry again…and big thanks!

I have already proposed to make the language change more visible than now…because many people didn’t notice that the website is bilingual (English and Portuguese)…thanks…your suggestion is going to be implemented soon…. :slight_smile:

Hey there guys, i’m the webdesigner of the team… and i will do something to make the language selector more, "VIEWTIFUL " lol…

and about the layer white in the language selector, try to view the site with te IEXPLORER… then the backgroung of the flash will be transparent… ok?!

thanx :slight_smile:

e adler, putz, cara, aquele banner q tu criou ta uma “gracinha”… rs

When will the pics gallery be up and running? Aside from that and making the language selector more “viewful”, Its great! One of the best i have seen.

wait… i just noticed something… under the organogram (catchy btw), what is “trainment”?

Oo something else: the text on the bottom bar is a bit difficult to read. Try making it fade to a light green instead of all the way to white. I’m not sure why the bottom is hard to read but the top itsn’t even though they appear to be the smae image.

Yeahhh nickk!
So “cute”…

hey guys! the web site is already updated!!!

go there again, and tell me, can you see the language selector!?!!!

i’m waiting yours comments!!!

I agree with you…the text on the bottom bar is difficult to read…We from Tribotec intend to change it soon …make it more visible…and about the “tests and trainment” under the chronogram…in fact, we would like to say “practice tests”…it was a translation mistake…thanks for the notice!!! :slight_smile: And, the pics gallery are already running…go there and see what you think…I am waiting for your new comments…

Could be…but as we have already made it in Flash…I don’t think we are going to change it now…There is another animation almost ready that will replace that piece and the whole banner…await to see…in the new animation, the mascote blink his eyes and looks in the mouse direction …Next week, I think this new animation will be there in the website…