TRIGON 5990 - 2020 Season Recap

Here’s our 2020 Season Recap!


Wow!!! Amazing robot and a brilliant video! :smiley:
I wish we will be able to compete with and against each other very soon :stuck_out_tongue:
Kol haKavod!

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Great vidiography! Some cool robot design elements too. Any jamming issues and if so what did you do to minimize the problem?

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Great video, and great robot! I’m happy to see that you’re continuing your upward trend of success into this year. I got to spend some time in your pit helping as a CSA and I can tell that you guys are building a great program. Your robot this year was definitely one of the top in the district, and the dual horizontal flywheel shooter design is very unique. I’m only disappointed that the season got cut short so we never got to compete head-to-head

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Definitely a nice robot! Curious why you chose to detach your climbing hook? Was it just an easier concept for you? Do you regret doing it?

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Thank you all for the compliments. We chose to detach the climbing hook for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t got any real experience with climbing using an elevator prior to this season.
  2. The fact that the elevator is located in the corner of the robot, makes it really difficult to climb with the mechanism itself (due to the center of gravity).
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We had to deal with lots of jamms testing the mechanism, every jam had its own fix…
The most significant jam was solved with a bevelled 1.625” Colson wheel, placed in a very specific angle (photo attached).