TRIGON 5990 - Our scouting system for the 2020 season

Team 5990 - TRIGON is proud to share our 2020 scouting system documentation with all of you!

Using our scouting software this year, was great SUCCESS! We allowed data transfer between Scouters and the strategy team, providing real-time data for strategizing. This offered, both our Scouters and our strategy team, significant improvements over our previous version from last year. We believe that our system was a major key success factor to TRIGON 5990 success and significantly contributed to both during qualification matches and for alliance selections stages.

We hereby present this document which gives a technical overview of the system. We hope that it will inspire programmers in other teams to create their own scouting apps. Ultimately, Team 5990 believes that above the great advantages of such systems to winning, basing decisions on data, having students create a sophisticated scouting app is an incredible learning opportunity through which they gain significant programming experience.

Please feel free to contact us by replying to this thread or via email at with any questions regarding our scouting app, or if you would like guidance on programming on your own.

Scouting system documentation


Really impressed with the level of detail in this documentation. Great job!