Trillian Pro 2.0!!

Yeah, so Trillian 2.0 is being released soon. Paid members can go dl the beta 2 release at

Well, I’ve been using Trillian since it came out back in 2000 and this version rocks.

Finally, it’s got something that GAIM and Adium has - TABBED CHAT WINDOWS

Plus, Unicode support and tons of other features.

Total of 200+ new features… yeah, it’s nice.

The Beta 2 version is a little buggy, but I’m still cool with it - certainly nice to use :slight_smile:

Edit - YES! JABBER SUPPORT! sigh I think I may have to edit this many many more times before I’m done ranting about Trilliain Pro 2.0 :slight_smile: So blinging.

I too am quite fond of Trillian… patiently waiting for a FREE 2.0 version to come out! Tabbed windows will be a plus.

Trillian is definitely well worth it, though I’ve seen trouble with the non-Pro version connecting if a proxy is involved which AIM avoided.

*Originally posted by Ashley Weed *
**I too am quite fond of Trillian… patiently waiting for a FREE 2.0 version to come out! Tabbed windows will be a plus. **

Oh… who said it wasn’t out? :slight_smile:

Btw, tabbed windows: When creating a new container, you can choose regular or tabbed. The tabbed, thus, create a tabbed window. But chat windows aren’t put into containers by default. You have to change that by going to preference, windows, initial and choosing the initial container and then clearing the window cache so it starts fresh… but yeah, tabbed is soo lovely. Plus, much nicer interface and much nicer tooltips. 2.0 beta 2 crashed 2 times on my (har) within 20 seconds but then it became stable… maybe this is a developer’s joke? Lol.

i justed started using trillian from a recommadtion from my computer instructor and i sware by it now i tell ally my friends to get it. its the greatest thign def worth the price

I’ll wait till it’s ported to Linux. I thought they said they were going to do that as soon as Trillian Pro became a stable product.

Oh well, for now, I’ll keep on using gaim. :slight_smile:

Yah, GAIM is the best for Linux, but Greg was using Wine to run Trillian… I believe he said the performance of it was just as good or better than when he ran it on Win98.

Yeah, I tried that once. Big mistake. It ran ok, but the windows were all screwed up, you couldn’t move them or it’d all break, and it was a mess. So, I go back to gaim, and no big deal. Besides, I’m not one to actually pay for my software :p.

Bradon, if you read that, I don’t mean I pirate software, I mean I use Linux/Free Software ;).