Trip Vs. Robotics

Imagine you had a friend that invited you on a trip that you had never been on before and included one of your best hobbies or sports. The only catch is is that its during both your FIRST regionals… do you skip the regionals and go on your trip or skip the trip and go to regionals…???

i would have to go with robotics

Sorry, But Robotics is my first priority. :slight_smile:


That’s a tough one, both are robotics :smiley:
Probably FIRST, since there are more of the other kind during other parts of the year.

Robotics. This will be my first year on a team, and I don’t want to miss it.

Regionals are my wicked awesome vacations!!!

(save the trip for the off-season)


p.s. You are seeking a YES/NO answer to a question that asks EITHER/OR. Poll results may be misrepresented. I am equating YES to REGIONAL.

Are you kidding me? Regionals! I still can’t quite understand why people won’t give up their London trip to go to Regionals… I don’t get it. And they say they love first? Pfft!

… haha, okay, maybe they do … I’m just unhealthily obsessed about and consumed by FIRST. -shiftyeyed-

If the trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, take it. FIRST will be around next year, regionals are not the most important thing in the world.

As one of my professors said yesterday on the first day of class, “take every chance you can to better yourself”

This includes skipping out on FIRST events if a better opportunity arises. I am missing almost all of the regionals and nationals (except weeks 1 and 2) since i will be in Denmark. it was a hard choice to make, seeing as i love going to FIRST events, but in the long run it’ll be worth it.

Just my $.05…


I don’t understand the poll options…yes, I would go to regionals or go on a trip…

regionals … while exciting as the trip may be, i think regionals is more exciting. However, if you are sure that this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you will never get the chance to go to that place ever again or it is something like your grad trip where your whole grade is going, then go to the trip …

how exactly is the poll question a yes or no answer ??

yea… while i am chooseing to attend a regional over a spring break trip, i kinda wish first wouldn’t schedule competitions during spring break (ie. the easter week). I know it can be hard with the changeing dates of easter and whatnot… but I think they might get more attendance if they took a week off during spring break :wink:

my $.02

o sorry about that… yes means you would go to regionals…

i’d go to robotics!!! trips can wait… i’d even prefer to skip prom if i could go to nationals!!

FIRST is definitely my priority.

Of all years, I’d definetly take regionals over a trip. It’s my senior year, and I want to be there for every minute of FIRST.

~ Jill

mmm this might be the wrong community to ask this question, everyone hear lives, eats, sleeps robotics.

Of course robotic competition nothing beats it

Regionals of course! Actually, this has happened to me before on a number of occasions, not just with friends inviting me places, but getting invited to programs. I was invited to participate in HOBY (The Hugh O’Brian Leadership program) two years ago, which was going to conflict with the Chesapeake Regional that our team was competing in. It was a difficult decision considering the program is rather prestigious, but FIRST is life and I decided to go to the regional.

This isn’t feasible because not everyone has spring break at the same time. It all depends on your school district. So if FIRST took one week off for spring break, many schools would still be in session and then have their break while FIRST is running.

It depends on the trip, but if it is a NASCAR race i would pass up a regional in a heartbeat. But since there isn’t a race during the my teams first regional that won’t happen. Even during our second or the championships. But if there was a good race and i had tickets i would go to the race.

My friends and I are actually in this situation right now with nationals. It’s our senior year, so when we found out our team wasn’t going to nats, we were pretty bummed and planned a spring break trip to Daytona for the same week instead. Turns out, our team was able to register for nats, so now we have a choice; if our team flies to Atlanta, we can try to switch our plane tickets for 50 extra bucks, or, if our team takes a bus then we’re going to Daytona.

Everybody cross your fingers so we fly!!! :ahh:

I would go with FIRST. Evey year Key Club has conferences around the same time the Championship is held and 3 of the officers on Key Club are also on the FIRST Team so we can’t go.