Triple Balance Peer Award

This now goes for anyone who pulls off the triple balance in competition this season. PM me your info and i’ll mail you one to put on the robot.

I’ve already sent one to Texas, so I guess that officially opens the floodgates!

It started as a side challenge and a fun joke, but it’s become more of a celebration of something exceptional and we’d like to share it with everyone.

I could also email you the .dwg file i made for this so you can print your own if you’d like and save me some postage.

Enjoy! And good luck to everyone, all of us would like to see as many teams earn one of these as possible.

I feel like we should have a signature on the forums for this.

Challenge Accepted.

First off, congrats to all the teams that have achieved the Triple Balance so far!! I’m struggling to keep up with all of them, that is awesome!

The first wave of stickers and .dwg emails go out today. I’m sorry for the late replies, but i didn’t have my PM email notification on, i’m still a noob, please forgive me…

I also plan to award a few teams at the Troy District, see you Friday. (And a pre-‘see you’ to all the alliances likely to triple in elims at what promises to be a crazy Saturday afternoon.)

I have been having an absolute blast handing these out at competition. It really is a special accomplishment. It’s exciting to see how many amazing ways alliances are finding to make this happen, and how the slightest things can foil the best plans. Good luck to all!

Woot! 1023 gets one, along with 469(probably already have one) and 3175 … You can email 1023’s to me and I will print it with our sponsor logos. :slight_smile: [email protected]
Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is quite awesome and we as FIRST Team 3729 would like to request a sticker, as we managed to pull off a triple balance (twice!) during the Colorado Regional last weekend. Here is a link to the video as proof. We’d like to add this signage to the robot. :slight_smile:

That is an amazing video, the number of ways teams find to triple is astonishing. I’ll add ripping off one of your alliances bumpers to my list of possible triple balance strategies. :slight_smile:

Congrats again to all the teams that have achieved the Triple Balance so far!! Every week brings more.

The second wave of stickers and .dwg emails go out today.
I’m wondering how many ‘pirated’ copies we’ll start to see.::ouch::

If you are on my list, and you will be at Troy, MSC, or Champs, worry not, I will get you an ‘official’ version in your pit. Otherwise, keep sending me those addresses.

DeusJZ, i sent you a PM asking for an address. Cool vid!

2240 would love to add our name to the list of triple balances. the way we saw it bumpers were for squares so why not jsut throw them away :stuck_out_tongue:

PM on the way