Triple Balance Practice (Newton)

If any teams would like to schedule some time on the practice field with us (714) please feel free to PM me; post on this thread; or visit the team 714 pit at St. Louis. You can just ask for Bryant or Sylvester. I think it would be in all our best interest to practice triple balancing if we want Newton to take the gold this year. Good luck to everyone and see you at the championship!

Yes, we are very interested.

4086 TEAM Tesla

Great! By the way I forgot to post our robot dimensions. We are a low center of gravity, front heavy robot. Length is 42-1/2 inches and width 32-1/2 inches (with bumpers included). We are also able to hang off the bridge so that we only take up 24 inches. Also we have arms (bridge manipulators) on either side of the robot so that we can latch on to help with balancing. In addition we are also taking a quick install kit to make said latching easier. It consists of mainly a bar that can be retrofitted to most robots.

What are everyone else’s dimensions and features looking like?

With the rules as written regarding booking the practice fields at champs, I’m still trying to figure out how we are going to practice triple balancing.

I don’t see a way to get all three teams on to the practice field without all 3 teams booking the field in the same time slot.

Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but I don’t think we can book a practice field session, then bring 2 other teams onto the field with us.

You would all have to book the field at the same time, since the real practice fields use a wireless setup and play through real matches.

The wooden fields may have a bridge and that would be available all day…

Or maybe a local team has a bridge they can bring :slight_smile:

As of last instruction, the wooden setups are “hoops-only”.

We definitely want to triple more (we’re 5 in competition, 12+ in practice), but they aren’t making it easy. :frowning:

This is exactly what 45, 3940, and 781 had to do at Queen City. I definately think that these triple balance pratice sessions are going to be a chore at championship. All the more reason to invite teams to practice at home :wink: (if you have a bridge and room, of course)