Triple Balance Video

Team 1661 thanks Teams 599 and 2599 for being awesome alliance partners at the San Diego Regional. Check out this video of our 3 Quarter Final matches.

Thanks to you to. We did great.

This is great proof that even long robots can balance! Nice work

Interesting! I never would have suspected that you could turn robots across their wheelbase and push them to balance. I can tell how excited the teams were to get that amazing balance!

Did they count the first match as being balanced?

No. They were supported by the edge of the field in their first match.

They did not count the balance as a triple balance because the third robot was partially supported by the rail… (See the shot of the final score that only shows 20 bridge points).

I find it interesting that they still counted it as two robots being balanced.

They did originally, then they went back and took away the score for the two robot balance and counted it as no robots balanced.

The right decision. I wondered why they gave them the 20 pts for a balance bridge…

Good job! This gives me hope that we can attempt 3 robots.

First of all great job balancing. I would not have predicted much success on the Triple Balance task given these three robots but you did a great job making it happen.

The second thing that I noticed is that in the last match the blue alliance only had to successfully complete a Double Balance to advance to the next round… but once they saw the Triple Balance by red, they seem to totally panic and when you panic on the bridge, usually a robot ends up flipping off the side of the bridge (ask 148 – they seemed to totally lose it in their last match at the Alamo).

Message to my drivers: Don’t Panic!
Joe J.

Nice video! You captured the lows and highs of the Quarter Final round which, as a spectator there, was intense. The crowd loved that you came back after the first triple attempt and successfully did it 2 more times! Great team work. And congrats Team 1661 on getting the Industrial Design Award!

Triple Balance

548/1075/4107 QF1-2

67/469/2851 QF1-1 QF1-2 SF1-1 F-2

3098/573/3601 SF2-1

This one has both allainces doing it the same match F-1

A few more triple then last week, but a Double triple balance and the 67/469/2851 going 5/6 on it is just amazing.