The Robowranglwers alliance made the first triple Balance ever this season.
Teams included 148 922 and 2936.

it was awesome! im so glad i saw that

I was SUPRISED I thought they were gonna be eliminated.

I was worried there, and then it just kinda happened. I couldn’t believe it, and it was really great to see! I too thought they would be knocked out!

A beautiful thing!

The mc mentioned a “secret weapon” before the match.

Boy am I happy that my team has a wide robot!

If you look closely 148 is hanging one set of wheels off. need at least 1 widebot (or longbot) that can hang off enough to give you balance room.

We designed for that, our center of gravity is towards the back of our robot. We can hang our front wheels off :wink:

From what I saw, it looked like 922 is a narrow robot with mecanums, which allowed 148 to push them up sideways.

Here’s another shot courtesy of B. Nain Photography.

EDIT: And they just pulled it off again to beat the 488/118 alliance 63-39!

It happened again!!!

After watching the second balance, their balancing mechanism is doing the load of the work. That’s some great engineering, simply being wide isn’t enough.

These matches are awesome. Robowranglers are winning because of triple Balance.

GOO Robo Wranglers

Remember the Alamo (regional)!

488 just proved the triple balance defendable :slight_smile:

:frowning: I wanted to see another triple balance.
The 2 red teams got the ont robot away from the bridge and they didnt get enough time for a triple balance.

that was awesome!!! good job guys:D

WOW AMAZING !!!:yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

SF 1.3 in Alamo! HOLY CRAP way to go blue alliance!!!
P.S. i was actually holding my breath for fear that Gatorzillas would fall!!

How did that happen? Amazing