Triple Climb at IRI (6443,5511,3707)

Only triple climb to ever lose :sunglasses:


I wonder why the judge in the lower left corner is taking a selfie instead of the triple climb


How in the world did they even come up with that idea? :frowning:

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“What if we break the record as individual triple hab 3 climb? 6443 goes on first and you have the elevator. When you get up, we’ll move to the corner and put down our suction plate and climb!”

(i think this is the first individual triple hab 3 climb… is it?)

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254’s alliance did it several times at champs.


Yea there have been 13 occurances of a Triple Climb this year with the following breakdown:

254+3310+6986 did it 3 times on Einstein.
1678 and their various partners did it 8 times over the season.
We of course did it once.
And in qualification 100 1720,2767,and 3847 also did a triple.


This is the most aesthetically pleasing triple climb. Perfect fit.

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Probably the coolest thing we got to do all season in a match. Thanks 2767 and 3847!


Glorious to watch, the independent triple climb (no slight intended to 1678) is just an amazing feat of coordination and engineering that is a pure crowd-pleaser and incredibly fun to watch.

All the ones I have seen this year got a standing ovation.

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