Triple Helix 2363 - 2019 robot reveal video

Footage shot last night during unbag time with our practice bot and competition bot.


Great work! I really like the deployable cargo collector.



Gotta love a good handoff intake.


Am fan of this trend of teams recording videos of their robots slamming full-speed into a wall:


Looking good! See you all at Battlefield.

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See ya at District champs if we qualify

That arm looks amazing! Good luck this season. :slight_smile:

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love that climb

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Huge fan of the climb and cargo mechanism. Hope to see you at District Champs!

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Our bot is designed around the long term goal of getting 2 or 3 hatches on the rocket in Sandstorm. The enabling features are: an arm that allows pickup from the feeder station and placement on the near side of the rocket without needing to spin the robot; vision based docking with the ports on either side of that simple path. The first phase of that plan was to get the vision based docking to work when the driver controls the throttle.

At our first event, we were unable to get the two cameras to work properly at the same time. All our alignment to the ports was visual, either by eye, or the mostly malfunctioning cameras. At that first event, we were doing 3-4 cycles per match. That problem was resolved and the resulting discussion resulted in the “Best Practices” document on Limelight’s website.

At our last event, we were using vision assisted docking, where the driver held down a button that passed steering control of the robot to the vision system, which guided the bot into alignment with the port. The driver maintained control of the throttle. You can see how it works in this match video. The green lights come on when the vision docking system is enabled. Our sandstorm hatch is on the far side of the cargo ship, but you can see the vision lights when the bot is lining up for placement. This was one of our better matches, with 8 successful cycles, about a 2X improvement.


CAD for the 2019 robot has been released. As always, you can get to it through The Blue Alliance. Or go right to grabcad. The CAD incorporates improvements and modifications made during the competition season.