Triple Helix 2363 - 2023 robot reveal video

The day after Presidents Day is ‘stop build day’ for Triple Helix, traditionally the day when we shoot the footage for our release video. We’ll keep improving our bot throughout the season, but our main focus shifts from building to practice. Here’s the current state of Genome Xi.


Looks great 2363! Those auto modes alone should take you far!


Inspiring as ever. Triple Helix always opens my eyes


Nice work guys! We basically built the same design but it would appear we’re about 3 weeks behind tuning and getting ours right. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing it live in Week 4.

EDIT: Seems like the CHS website doesn’t have the right teams assigned. According to TBA we won’t be in the same event until DCMP (assuming that our team qualifies), based on the reveal I think you all won’t have any trouble. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! A lot of work has gone into getting those to work. They are the cumulation of about 3 years of path planning software and vision system development. April tags were an enabling technology to get the most complex auto working right.

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Looks great, excited to see it play.

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@ToddF Around 42 seconds in there’s a profile shot of your generator station.

What is the white material you have under the plywood pieces to keep it from hanging on the carpet? Two weeks ago we came at ours pretty fast and broke it because of the friction on those edge pieces. I think the people responsible for building it have tried some solutions, but yours seems to work very well.

This thing looks mean, hopefully we get to see it at DCMP. Good luck to anyone playing these guys you’re gonna need it.

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We are using fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), often sold as outdoor shower wall material, and famous for its starring role in the 2009 FRC game. It’s what is specified in drawing TE-23309.


Super slick! I can’t wait to see this in action.

I was curious about the wheel orientation on the charge station. We have ours configured in an “X” shape when parking (actually, they do this any time the robot isn’t moving - “sticky drive”). With the “O” orientation, do you have any issues with rotation, or are the drive motors in brake mode enough to keep it fixed?

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Incredible work! Love the arm and auto modes. Curious to see if the cube projection method at 1:00 becomes something we see emulated by other teams.


Us, too. We debated if it was against the rules, but couldn’t find one which it breaks. It’s a little time consuming to get the cube in position to whack with the cone. So it might not be practical during a match where you have just seconds to get the right gamepiece on the field for your robot.


Looks like some awesome closed-loop control on your arm too! Well done!

Triple Helix 2023 robot CAD: