Triple Individual Climb

If I’m not mistaken…this is the first triple individual climb of the season. PCH Dalton District Q Match 12

I have no reason to believe this will ever happen again, but it does make me feel better about choice in climbing mechanisms.

Whoot Whoot. Go Georgia

Pretty impressive, way to go Peachtree!

What was the point of three robots climbing in that match? They had levitate so they only needed two. Unless I am missing something they may as well just not risk breaking the robot.

I was a high school student once, and…

Some would say I still have moments where I have the mental age of one.

Do it for the memes.

Because they could.

And it was a FIRST.

And we’re talking about it here.

And that was a Unicorn Match PLUS.

Apart from being awesome, it can also serve well to demonstrate a robot’s capabilities to other teams. Versatile climbing mechanisms may be an attractive feature when selecting alliance members for the playoffs.

If I can use a power up on something other than levitate cause I have a 3 robot climb in the bag that is valuable. I also have the option of not running any cubes into the exchange and using those cubes and the robot that would be scoring them in other places.

Kind of like launching a car into space.

And a perfect analogy. Stock price goes up.

I just started a Thread under Competition/Regionals called 2018 Triple Climb/Lift Club. I would be honored if you would consider posting there so yours can be the first post!

I was driving 6341’s robot, i will say we had been planning this since a few matches prior, it took everyone by surprise because it was such an early match.

Another point: the red alliance was up by 300+. Might as well show the scouts something fun, because if you can do three the hard way you can certainly do the more-strategically-useful two the hard way.

Just going to leave this icon here.