Triple Jeopardy @ Battlecry!!!

To all Battlecry participants…

How much do you think you know FIRST?

Have you ever wanted to test your knowlege of the competition and its history?

Well…this is your chance!

Battlecry staff presents FIRST Triple Jeopardy!

Test your knowledge of FIRST against other Battlecry combatants for a chance to win great prizes! Here is how it works…

As host of Battlecry, I will choose three teams of three people…students, mentors, anyone is fair game! Each game will have 4 different categories with questions of varying difficulty based on point value. At the end…wager your points in Final Jeopardy and see if you and your team are victorious!

So, bring your friends, bring your brain, and bring your spirit…it promises to be a fun time!

Hope to see you all there.
Andy “Alex Trebeck” Grady

Choose me!

I definitely want in on this…one question, though: is it on Friday or Saturday? I’m probably not going to make Friday, so if it’s on Friday, then I won’t be able to do it.

NEMO is meeting at 2100 on Friday - is it at the same time??? :frowning:

By looking at SitRep 2 you’ll find its during Fridays RandR activites.

There will be about 8 games starting at 2100 and ending 2300. So if you can’t make it in the first few games try to get in the later ones. BTW the winners get raffle tickets for prizes given out Saturday.