Triple Play Board Game

Hey Everyone,
The Vice President of my former team has created a board game is pretty cool you can check it out at in the media area Thanks and Enjoy!

Thats pretty sweet. I trained myself using the flash sim and assigning different bots different capabilities. That takes the guesswork out of it. Recommended for all Coaches. One thing though, how big is the board?

hmmm it might work except first competitions are more real-time while boad games tend to be turn-based. If oyu could figure a good way around it though, it was be cool

I’ll try and find out more on the game from him later today, ohh and also what do you all think of our new website? any comments would be great!

I think this is a great idea.

The rules are based around a generic robot, though. I think there are some huge possibilities of working the rules/statistics out to modify this game in order to encompas all robots. I think this could become a very fun (and strategy-building) tool if you were to implement other dice (at least 20 sided dice).

In short, it is a great idea but as it stands the usefulness of the game as far as strategy building is limited. If a few more “statistics” were included (speed, stability of the robot, stability of the holding the tetra, max tetras it can cap over, etc.) then the game would become much more like a real-life clone and thus a better tool in terms of building strategy. It would be just like sports games!