Triple Play field POV-Ray

Here are some POV-Ray images of the Triple Play field and the actual POV-Ray file:

If you would like different format or size images or images from a different angle, send me an email: [email protected].

Pretty impressive but a little bit scarry: if I can’t see the end of the field how can my bot ?!

The Center Driver’s station looks a bit obstructed by the center goal.

thats nice, the last image with the colored spotlights may throw off the vision sensors if that was an actual match, correct?

Update: There are two animated GIFs at the bottom now…both are quite large (~3MB each).

Could you get renders of what it looks like from each of the driver stations. That would be really really awesome and useful. And maybe one from the human player station :wink:

Sure thing. I’m in a FIRST meeting right now, but I’ll do those later tonight. Look for them around 11PM EST. :slight_smile:

Wow, those look great. I figured the center driver would have a hard time seeing, but i didnt think it would be so much of an obstruction.

Imagine how it will be with a Tetra or two stacked on top.

that is awesome. however, i agree with unapiedra, makes me a little bit more afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW! :slight_smile:

Looks awesome.

One question though, those player views you created, how tall would the person have to be for that view?

I’d be interested in seeing the center alliance station view when there are a few tetras on the goals.

It would be nice for those on dialup if you could stick the gifs elsewhere. I’ve got enough bandwidth, but consider the plight of those without.

Otherwise, preeeeety. :slight_smile:


The view height is 64", which would be eye level for somebody of average height.

Done. Check the bottom of the player views page:


I was just wondering if you could post the source of the POV RAY image. I am very experienced in POV RAY and I just wanted to know which technique you used in modeling the tetras.