Triple Play One-Pager for the general public

I’ve added the Triple Play One-Pager (.pdf) to the white paper/misc.
It’s a one page description of the Triple Play game and the scoring.
It was given out at the Finger Lake/RIT Regional.

It is great for teachers, parents and grand-parents who want to know about
the game.


I can’t seem to find it (it’s probably right in front of my eyes). Can you put a link in this thread to it? My team is a rookie and I’d love to send it out to some of the parents who are still kinda trying to understand the concept of FIRST. Thanks!

May still being reviewed by moderators. I don’t see it either.

Man, I should be a moderator… anyway, VCU had the one-pager too on the main desk.

I’ve been told that all the regionals will have the one-pager available. Coming in the box for pit admin or vol. coord. box.
I haven’t seen it but may be the same one that is on the FIRST site under “media”. Sorry don’t have time to do the link.

Sorry folks,
I just uploaded into “Team Org”.
(It was too large to attached.)
PM or IM me if you want it via email. :slight_smile:

Moderator: If it shows up in two places, please deleted one. Thanks.