Tripod lost in 254's pit in Las Vegas.

I had a small Sony tripod with a Bogen ball-head stored under the table of 254’s pit at the las vegas regional. It was confirmed being there Thursday through Saturday morning. I was on the field all through finals and the awards ceremony on Saturday and returned to it missing.

I noticed that team 8 (paly) had already packed up and cleared out of their pit which was back to back with ours before we came back from awards. Did anyone from team 8 happen to see it or know of anyone who accidentally grabbed it thinking it belonged to a team member?

If anyone else somehow got a hold of it, please let me know how I can retrieve it. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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I’ll check with my teammates, but I haven’t heard of anyone on the team finding a tripod.


I am really sorry about your tripod! I hope you get it back team 254.
We had my personal Sony Video Camera go missing from our pit as well. :eek:

If anyone knows anything; we sure would appreciate getting it back!! I have a son who will be graduating soon and would be heartbroken if we don’t have a video camera.

Other than that we had a great time in Vegas.

Website team mentor- Team 39 (The Aero Squadron)

I seem to remember some of 254’s students playing with a tripod on the field for our alliance picture, you might wanta talk to them about it

That was their teachers tripod. It was a sumtak or something similar.

We would like to offer a $200.00 reward for our video camera return. No questions asked.

I don’t want to have to buy a new one!! sniff :frowning:

No one on my team has seen it. =/ I even asked stubbs…