Trivia Night is back & IRI History w/ Andy Baker!


T-shirt Tuesday giveaways tomorrow! Play live FIRST trivia with your friends and re-live the history of the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) with Andy Baker from AndyMark, Inc.!

8:30pm ET Round 1 of Trivia (General FIRST) - Occupy Mars shirt
9:00pm-10:00pm History of IRI with Andy Baker (subs get 5x luck to win this one)
10:00pm ET Round 2 of Trivia (IRI Trivia) FUN shirt

We will be back on once again and you can play on your phone or mobile. 2 factor authentication will be on so please unplug your potato modem. We will give you more time to know the trivia question before the timer starts.
Watch, chat, and play live! Get your whole team and FIRST friends on board.

If you have any questions for Andy, post them here or in chat.


One of the trivia questions for tonight:

Which region was second to go to districts?

Good luck and see you tonight at 8:30pm eastern for this category!


Going live in a few! come join us and test your trivia skillz!


Thank you to those who joined us last night for trivia and IRI history with Andy Baker!

If you didn’t catch some of the amazing history to IRI check it out on YouTube:

Trivia will be back next month along with an interview with one of the Battlebots leads who is also a fellow FIRSTer.