trojans on chiefdelphi?

well nod32 is reporting hundreds of trojans attacking me from chiefdelphi, for example


Ahh I see your problem, its Arefin and Tytus awesomeness combining together to hack your computer. But seriously… I think this is either a smart trojan hiding itself, or your antivirus sux. Now if only you had a mac… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s weird.

The URL in question is the standard RSS feed that vBulletin provides.

Do you get the error on just CD-Media pages, or everywhere? If everywhere … try and see if you get it there. If so, it’s something with vBulletin. If not, then I’ll look into it more.

I dont get this message, and im on the school computer which blocks to much stuff. Even on my home computer i dont get any trojans. Check your computer for a trojan.dll file because maybe the page just activated on that was on your computer already.

Don’t forget to scan for a virus.exe