Trouble finding 6 in pneumatic wheels

Anybody out there have a source for 6 in pneumatic wheels with decent adaptability for typical hubs we use for FRC bots?

We went with these last year, and turned down what I believe were 4" plactions to replace the steel hubs they come with. It was a shoddy solution, because we ended up turning them down so much that we took off the entire rim, such that only the spokes contacted the inside of the wheel, which destroyed some inner tubes during competition. It did hold up though, although I would much rather use a different solution for the hub if we ever used pneumatic wheels again.

Ive done some research since about the first day of build season, and I wasnt able to find any 6inch pneumatic wheels. The smallest i found were the 8 inch ones from andymark.

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McMaster Carr Part Number: 2717T51 Doesn’t show on catalog page and shows on search. Can add it to an order and it will ship tomorrow.