Trouble getting ball from pick up to shooter.

We are having trouble getting the first ball to the shoot on top we have had ideas but they haven’t worked. Please let us know I your team has any ways that could help we are in need for ideas

Some pictures or a detailed description of machine, or both, would help tremendously. Without knowing what your machine looks like there is no way we can help troubleshoot your system.

Could you please describe your current setup? As it is pretty much Week 6, I wouldn’t want you to have to make any major changes.

Our team was having a similar problem. We had a conveyer belt picking up balls from the floor, and delivering them to the shooter intake. Our shooter has a part-circle where the ball travels, with a wheel in the center to power the ball. In short, the conveyer belt wouldn’t move the ball far up enough to get picked up by the shooter wheel.What we ended up doing is moving our shooter assembly forward an inch so that the shooter wheel would grab the ball as soon as the ball reached the top of the conveyer belt.

If you have pictures or some sort of description of what you’ve got so far, please share.
I notice you’re from Indianapolis. So are we. We’re based out of Southport High School - 971 E Banta Drive 46227. If you PM me, I can send you my cell phone number and we can discuss your design in detail; you’re also welcome to stop by our shop if you like. Our build times are weekdays 6-9p.

Our design involves a conveyor that actually brings the balls up above the level of the shooter. That way we’ve got no issues with the balls getting high enough.

Like Taylor said all of us in central Indy would love to help. Send me a PM and we can help you out. You can come by our shop and see how we move the ball around.