Trouble Hit!

I’m trying to re-image my cRIO but I’m having trouble. Can someone tell me how I’m supposed to connect my computer to the cRIO to re-image it. Also some really explicit directions would be super helpful since I’m running my imaging tool on the cRIO but it’s saying it can’t find it.

You need to connect the cRIO directly using a ethernet crossover cable (the pink cable this year).

First thing you need to do is install the Mandatory LabVIEW Update on the Classmate, found here:

Then install the Mandatory Driver Station Update on the Classmate (found on same link)

After the updates are installed, connect using the crossover cable and change the Classmate’s IP address to 10.xx.yy.5, where xx.yy is your team number.

Run the ‘FRC cRIO Imaging Tool.’ It should say “Version Number: 2009.12.11.00” in the bottom left hand corner.

Choose the Development Environment of your choice. If LabVIEW, check the ‘Always run deployed code at startup’ option as well.

Then check ‘Format Controller’, name your cRIO device, and enter your team number in the ‘Team ID’ field.

Make sure the selected image is ‘’

Click apply and follow on screen instructions. You should get a message after about 5 minutes saying format and re-image successful.

All these steps should be outlined in the 2010 Control System Documentation - Chapter 2: 2.6 STEP 6 CONFIGURE THE CRIO