Trouble in Archimedes

FIRST News – “the FIRST to report the truth”
By Andy Baker


The city is experiencing X-Treme Heat (223), since some LuNaTeCs (316) dumped a truckload of Element 945 (945) into the Underground today. “It sounded like some Deep Thunder (147) combined with High Voltage (231)… pretty wicked!” said BP (360) O’Gorman (982) from the Quad City (648) area. This happened in the Archimedes division, and luckily the Newton, Galileo, and Curie divisions had no contamination.

Onlookers quickly started Screaming at the Team (1037) of Nautae (974) hooligans who were acting like a bunch of Delphi Demons (858). But they gave no other Resistance (86).

Authorities were called in to tackle this anti-Paragon (571). Even the FEDS (201) have gotten involved, along with local SWATT (1088) teams and tech-savvy L33T Crews (521). While some may think this is Robbextreme (56), others want even more personnel to be involved. The chief of police neither denies or admits to calling in the Megaforce Squadron (814), the Arctic Warriors (174) or the Rhode Warriors (121) to ComBBat (21) the WildStang (111) bunch that did this. “We’ve got our best crews on it”, says KD (606) Cooney (269), Atlanta chief of police. “We heard that the kids who did this are from the Hammond (71) area, but we are not sure.”

It would appear that the substance had lethal affects, turning friendly FEMBOTS (692) into a episode of U.R.R., Ultimate (922) Rampage Robotics (459).

Many questions have been brought up regarding the severity of this strange element. While it is usually used in building a variety of robots, from Probots (301) to Pyrobots (1396) and Beachbots (330), it is not used in SieH20Bots (237) and Crandroids (448). According to robotic expert Montclair (555) Rice (870), “The newer forms of robots do not use Dexterous Gearheads (102) and therefore need Burning Magnetos (342) to Red Jam (311) the robot’s Dynamos (250). That is where this scarce element comes in to play. With this new technology, the Circuit Runners (1002) can transfer many more Kil-a-bytes (1024) under lower Voltage (386).” He seemed to be armed to Infinity (900) with this information, as he continued “However, there are some drawbacks. Some Tyranical Mechanicals (1272) did not obey the Second Law Enforcers (178) when using some material recently, and they came up with a Bionic Bulldog (60). Others created RoboDogs (435) and the Huskie Brigade (65) was not pleased at all. Some Huskies (1112) were even hurt when approaching these RoboDawgs (288). Also, I have heard that other careless users have made smaller, but equally deadly mistakes by creating Killer Bees (33), RoboBees (836). They are surely shuffling a deck of Killer Kards (136).”

While this is interesting, it is still a mystery as to Who CTEKS (716) knows where this stuff came from. Theory 6 (1241) states that it even came from an ancient Minotaur (1369). Others claim that Martians (494) brought it to earth after being shot down by the Eagle Corps (1158) in the great Eagle Robotics (399) wars of the 90’s. Some don’t even care… they just want these perpetrators jousted into space by the NASA Knights (122) or Robo Knights (1315).

There were rumored reports that the AIS (1414), the American Intelligence Service was looking into this case, but Deputy-general Holly High (1141) could not be reached for contact.

The only lead that currently is guiding the investigative team is that a TechnoKat (45) was picked up for TechnoJay(94)-walking outside of the Underground right before the attack happened. He was speaking in Arab Robotics (548), about some Woburn (188) TechnoTiger (966) who wanted to go to Palo Alto (8). There was a car waiting for him, a late model Adidaron (476) XHS (806), made by Alpine Robotics (159). While this did not make any sense, it seemed to coincide with the craziness of the day.

Then again, this all may be happening because there is some crazy robotics contest in town next week, but who cares about that?


That is absolutly hilarious Andy I have no clue how you are able to come up with those every years for the division. I dont even think I would be able to find all of the team names much less create such a story around them!

P.S. thanks for adding “the tech-savvy L33T CREW”!!! :stuck_out_tongue: You truly are amazing wiht what you have done with not only the story but everything kudos Andy, I know this isn’t the only thing you have done for the CD fmaily and look forwards to meeting you at the Championships in Georgia!!! You do Archimedes proud!!! :smiley:

Very nice!

Andy, you have just now made my list of people to meet at Nats… lol
Not that I didn’t want to meet you before, but this story just put you on the list for sure…

See you in Archimedes.

wow Andy i have to commend your large ammount of free time but i cant help but feel left out you didn’t mention The L33T CREW(521) Haha? Great little story nonetheless heh good luck in georgia hope to see you there !

I mean really wow too much free time… haha

Crap… it’s still new enough to edit. I think that a part of the story needs to be altered. :slight_smile:

BTW… free time, I have that this week. I am on vacation, and compiling a “scouting sheet” for Archimedes. This story is just a by-product.


Andy Baker is now officially the only person with more free time than I … (crawls sheepishly back to Curie Division)

ahh i can feel my own coolness rise… ok so i cant but thanks for working us in !

I only count 66 Andy. This story only works if the whole division is in it. :slight_smile:

wow, andy, that’s amazing! i wish i had that kind of writing talent! i’m not even in archimedes and i’m impressed! hope to see you for a brief bit at nationals!

hahaha i love it…gj andy

Well… ya know, I just can’t find the names to some of these teams. They either have a website that is down or it just points to the school’s website.

Hey… I could use a follow-up story. Someone else in Archimedes can come along and update my “article” by putting these teams (and their names, if they can get them) into a story: 352, 459, 692, 922, 1112, 1141 /edit… not 1140/, 1414.


how about…

…It would appear the Element 945 (945) that spilled from the overturned truck had lethal affects, turning friendly FEMBOTS (692) into a episode of U.R.R., Ultimate (922) Rampage Robotics (459)…

…The local crime units are also relying on rescue dogs, such as the Huskies (1112), which have been brought from around the area including North America, Brazil and Britain, to search through the rubble for any survivors reports Officer Griffin(1141)…

Sorry I dont know what 1414’s team name is I think it is just “AIS robotics”
inwhich case you might use AIS as an accronym for something like …

members of the American Intelligence Service, AIS (1414), were also witnessed as to being on scene after the incident

claps… wow. you even managed to work in our weird school name…

i think everyone else has just been woburn’d! by mr baker here =)

brilliant! see you in a couple of days now = D

MisterX, thanks! Time for some editing.


Wow, this is awesome!

Very nice job, Andy! :smiley:

Wow, that is amazing :smiley:

Very nice!
Team 836 the Robobees.

Wow, again! Quoting myself from last year “I’m amazed and scared at the same time.” hmmm…does Andy really have an engineering degree? :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you who didn’t catch Andy’s story last year you can read it here.


wow mr. baker, you have amazed me again. I thought last years story was great, but this one blows it away!

Great Job and Good Luck To Everyone in this AWESOME divison :slight_smile: