Trouble in Delphi

Hello to all who read this. I just wanted to post to put my thoughts and prayers out to all of the Delphi Workers who’s jobs are or were at risk of being eliminated. I didn’t realize until today just how much this will effect everything as we know it. Delphi is one of the original founding partners from 1992, even though it was called Delco at the time. Delphi today provides a lot for first with the many teams it sponsors, all the way from full sponsorship such as the TechnoKats, down through teams such as Chief Delphi, Delphi E.L.I.T.E., all the way down to sponsorship through teams such as the area teams that the TechnoKats sponsor. In total, Delphi announced that they will have a 33% reduction in their work force by the end of September, that is well over 600 people who will loose their jobs. To make matters worse for those teams in my area, 450 of those jobs will be from here. So this is me saying that I am praying for you, because no matter what, we are all affected by this. Just remember, no matter what happens sponsorship wise, FIRST will prevail because of the hard work and dedication by the mentors and students of the teams, and those in Manchester organizing the competitions.

EDIT: Here is an article about this in our local paper. Kokomo Tribune