Trouble Installing Robot Python Development on Eclipse

hello, so i’m trying to set up a new machine for programming, following the same steps to setup as i alwasy have (install pyfrc, pygame, etc) and then setting up the IDE, Eclipse. although this one refuses to installing, claiming that it cannot complete operation.

Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
  Software being installed: Robot Python Development 2015.0.8 ( 2015.0.8)
  Missing requirement: io.github.robotpy.plugins.robotpy 2015.0.8 (io.github.robotpy.plugins.robotpy 2015.0.8) requires 'bundle edu.wpi.first.wpilib.plugins.core 0.1.0' but it could not be found
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: Robot Python Development 2015.0.8 ( 2015.0.8)
    To: io.github.robotpy.plugins.robotpy [2015.0.8]

i’m running the latest pyFRC and robotpy 2017.0.11

any way to fix this issue? thank you for your time.

I think the eclipse plugin has been discontinued due to lack of use. Note the version is 2015.0.8. I think what most teams do is use pydev, and then when you want to run the simulator/deploy/test, create different run configurations

If you would still like to get these plugins working, you have to install one of FIRST’s Java or C++ plugins first. From their website:

Select “Help”
Click “Install new software”.
From here you need to add a software update site, the location where the plugins will be downloaded. Push the “Add…” button then fill in the “Add Repository” dialog with:
Name: FRC Plugins
Click “OK”.

After you do this the RobotPy eclipse plugins should install just fine. :slight_smile:

Oops, I almost forgot, you actually have to install the plugin first.
From FIRST’s website:

Click the arrows if necessary to expand the WPILib Robot Development menu.
Select the WPILib Robot Development plugin for your desired language (you can install both if you wish to try programming in both languages)
Click Next, Next on the next page, then click the radio button to accept the license agreement and click Finish
If you receive a Security Warning prompt, click OK to continue.
When prompted, restart Eclipse. After Eclipse restarts and you select your Workspace (if prompted) you will see a dialog that says Installing Java. This details the installation progress of the plugins, wait for the install to complete before proceeding. This dialog should only appear when the plugins are first installed or updated.

Heh, does that actually work? I’m surprised. I didn’t really find the eclipse plugins very useful, nor did my students seem to use it, so it hasn’t been updated since 2015.

I can confirm that the robotPy plugins work and that they are super useful 10/10 would like to see them continue working. Also, you do have to install the java/c++ plugins first before you install the robotPy plugin.