Trouble installing robotpy-scsore on RoboRIO

We’re desiring to get a single camera working for a summer scrimmage. We did not use a camera earlier this year. Trying to install robotpy-cscore using robotpy-installer install robotpy-cscore results in an error (sorry, I didn’t copy it and I’m not near the robot).

The output on the Linux workstation showed something about pip cache at http://localhost:/… There is nothing listening on that high port (netstat -lnt).

On the Linux workstation, Python is version 3.6 and PIP is updated to current version. I believe all packages and modules are the latest versions on both the Linux workstation and the RoboRIO.

Any thoughts on what to look for next?

Apologies for lack of information… I can dig deeper when next near the robot…

Thanks for any thoughts you can offer to help us troubleshoot!

You did do a download first whilst connected to the internet, right?

This is normal. This comes from the roboRIO, so is actually the roboRIO’s localhost. This is actually an SSH port forward to a virtual server on your local workstation, so any attempt to observe this port after the fact will show nothing on either end.

Did you follow all the instructions @ robotpy-cscore install — RobotPy 2023 documentation ?

If you can provide the error message we can provide more insight to the issue. It’s pretty difficult without one. :slight_smile:

Ah. That helps! I didn’t (obviously) realize SSH was forwarding back to the host computer.

More info coming as soon as I can get it…


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