Trouble of FIRST account : Profile completing

Hi, our team wants to register for the new season. But we met some trouble logging into the dashboard. Does anyone has met with the same situation or known how to deal with it?
Cause the expiration date is 11/16, which was pretty nearby.

  1. When we logged in

  2. Clicked CONTINUE and press NEXT to save the profile.

  3. Then it jumped back to the start that we’ve just met.

There’s something in the profile that hasn’t been filled out. Instead of clicking NEXT, scroll through and figure out what it is. It could be that there’s something that you’re missing, or that was added and you haven’t hit it.

I had to re-enter a few things on mine last time I signed in as I recall. Sometimes it isn’t obvious what on first look.

We’ve written everything that we had to complete, but still, when we click the NEXT button, the pop-up message always comes up at first.

I’m going to throw a slight curveball at you here…

Check your USER profile, not the TEAM profile. You’re clicking “Next”–I just checked my individual user profile and there’s no “Next”, just “Save”. The error message is for a User profile. Top right corner after clicking Continue should get you there.

It really does work!! Much Thanks!!

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