Trouble opening Assemblies from Virtual Kit of Parts

Well, we got around getting autodesk 11 on some of our computers. However when we open the kit of parts files…or at least try to open them.

Single part files open fine, no problems there. When we try to open the assembly files it doesnt show up, just a new blank assembly.

Has/is anyone else had/having this same problem and have a fix for it? Was the kit of parts not complete and been updated since it was first released? I dont get an error when I try opening them either.

I am not on or near a computer that has Autodesk 11 to try a new Kit of Parts download or else I would try myself.

We have this problem on 2 computers, which are the only ones that currently have Autodesk.

Yes, I noticed that some files (.ipt) seem to be missing. I know that Autodesk is planning an update very shortly. Give 'em a few more days.

Thanks for the heads up!