Trouble programming mecanum wheels jave

We are doing some off season prototyping with mecanum wheels, but we’ve looked everywhere for some java sample code and have only found C++. Anyone know where I can find some drive train sample code in java. Thanks in advanced.

If in VS code you go to the WPILIB pallet icon and click Create A New Project , then you can choose example project, Java, and mecanum . Is is the very basics and not Command pattern but it is a start.

Okay I tried that and it worked, do you know where there are more code or resources for mecanum. Anyways thank you.

You might want to look at the MecanumDriveOdometry class and the MecanumDrivePoseEstimator but other than that, since our team doesn’t us mecanum, I don’t have a lot more info than that, but the example would be enough to get you driving.

Oh okay I definitely check those out. Again thank you for all the help.