Trouble Remembering Read Posts

Maybe this is user error, but it seems like the forum is having trouble remembering the posts I’ve read.


Same for me. It sometimes remembers and makes the post grey on the home page, but otherwise it does nothing…


@cgmv123 Max on the front page there are five options at the top of the threads listed; Latest, New, Unread, Top, and Categories. When you click on the ‘Unread’ feature, does that show you all bold topics you haven’t recently read?

It’s empty. I’m talking about posts in threads. If I’ve read the thread, it still sometimes shows all posts as unread.

There is a parameter in your preferences for how long you need to be on the thread/item before it is marked read. Also, given the load on new system, I suspect it will be a little better later.

On the main page click the 'Latest" header and then go into a thread you haven’t read yet. Scroll down to a post and then click the ChiefDelphi logo at the top left of the page to bring you back to the main page, then go back into that thread and see if it brings you to the top first post or where you left off.

It might just be me, but I can’t seem to find it…

I don’t see it either. I see something similar for how long until the topic becomes tracked, but nothing about time until posts are marked read.

If you go to your User page and then follow to User>Preferences>Notification there are four options on the top that give you time selections. If the first option “Consider topics new when” was set to “I haven’t viewed them yet” then all posts you haven’t look at would appear as new with bold titles on the main page.

NB: If you change and preferences or settings remember to always hit the ‘save changes’ key at the bottom, or they will not take effect.

It’s still taking me to the first post.

When you enter a totally new thread or go to new posts, do you see a light blue background on the new posts fade as you read them, or is it a white background as soon as you enter?

Blue fades to white.

I’m not sure if this is it, but if you go to Preferences > Notifications, try setting " Automatically track topics I enter" to “Immediately.”

I noticed that it took a while for a couple of threads to get marked as read, like there’s a background process that takes care of this. Probably just running a bit behind due to heavy load.

So the blue fading to white is Discourse showing you read a post that is new to you. When the blue fades Discourse also is marking that post as read for your user profile. It may be a glitch with your browser that you’re not seeing posts marked as read , or could be a slow server refresh to you. I would suggest to clear any cache and history you have for (new and old sites), try to log out and back in again and try a different browser to see if the same issue persists.

I believe this is the issue :point_up:, and I’m working on this performance issue right now.


Yup, sometimes it takes and sometimes it doesn’t.

It also seems that topics still come up as unread if the post loaded after the page did, even if you scrolled down to read the new post. I don’t know if this is related to the original issue and will be solved when that is or if it is its own issue.

Edit: Also, when I make a post that post comes up as unread even though I clearly read it. Again, not sure if this is the same issue or a different one.

After this evening’s downtime, this seems to be working now. Further proof that Brandon is a wizard of some sort.


GIF memes still work here. Good to know.