Trouble setting team number in OS

I can’t change my team number in the driver station controller. Following the instructions and pressing the middle button for at least 4 seconds does not bring up the change team number dialog. Anyone else had this issue? I tried calling NI but their hours are M-F 7-7. If I don’t hear from anyone I’ll call them again Monday. :frowning:

Have you upgraded the DS (with a flashdrive and stuff)? You won’t be able to set the team number until you’ve updated the firmware.

Make sure you’ve upgraded the firmware, otherwise try giving it more time. Sometimes it took longer, as much as 15 seconds, for ours to go into the team number screen.

Keep in mind that it’s not NI that is supporting the DS, but rather Kwikbyte…they can be reached using the information in this post on the FIRST Forums…

Thanks to all! I had missed the upgrade step! After the upgrade all went well!