Trouble shooting regarding SparkMax functioning

Hi guys! As a new team, we managed to get the sparkmax motor controller working in driving the neo brushless 550 motor, in the setting of coast mode + Hall effect sensor. It worked in CAN wiring smoothly, and worked shortly in PWM port wiring too. (Color Mag.) However, after we reconfigured the mode to brake mode, it didn’t run at all and ceased to work after (even after we switched back to coast). The coloring was blinking cyan when in brake, mag when in coast. We didn’t change the code at all, and all the wiring was working. What could be the problem? Thank you guys so much for helping!

Thank you so much for visiting this post… as a new team, we were really confused and frustrated. Thanks again for the possible advice!

Could we get pictures of the wiring and/or code?

Also, have you double checked all of your connections (power, motor, encoder, PWM/CAN)? Did you maybe switch the controller back to CAN but leave it plugged into a PWM port (or vice versa)?

We forgot to restart the robot after the Sparkmax is reconfigured… it’s a simple problem, sorry for the laughs!