Trouble Submitting Chairman's Video

Hi all,

My team is having some trouble submitting the Chairman’s Award. I uploaded all of our executive summaries and the essay to the STIMS portal but we can not find the spot to upload our video. Are we just supposed to upload it to our channel? Or is there another place that FIRST expects us to submit it?

  • Niharika S.

Fear not, you’re not missing anything as part of your submission. There is indeed no spot to upload the video on the STIMS portal. You bring the video with you to your event, and give it to the judges during your interview on a USB flash drive

Teams submitting for the Chairman’s Award must provide a video to the judges at the start of their Chairman’s Award interview. The team that is awarded the Chairman’s Award will have their video shown during the award ceremony. The content of the video should explain what the team has done to earn the Chairman’s Award. The video content may be in the team’s native language, but if that language is not English, the team must add English subtitles. The video may be shown to the judges during the team’s presentation if the team chooses. Even if the video is NOT shown during the interview, a video must still be provided to the Judges for the team to be eligible for the Chairman’s Award. In addition, the team must provide the equipment for viewing (i.e. laptop/speakers etc.) the video if they intend to show it during their interview. Videos must be submitted to the Judges on a USB Flash Drive with the team number.


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