Trouble wiring the pressure switch in a REV Pneumatic Hub

We switched over from a PCM to a Rev PCH and had no problems with wiring until we got to the pressure switch (digital). We can’t get anything into either of the wire receptacles designated for the pressure switch. Bare wire or ferrules. Is there a trick we’re missing here? These connections are always a little challenging but we’ve never had this problem.

What gauge wire are you using? This is a VERY low-power circuit, so you can use just about anything that will fit into connector. For example, PWM cables (24AWG i believe) are often used by teams.

I think it was 22, the smallest we had. Will try PWM. Weird thing is we used the same wire on all the other connections without any problems and the connectors look the same.

22 shouldnt have any issues going into the connectors for the REB PH. I seem to remember some discussion when it was first released that ferrules likely won’t fit, but don’t quote me on that. Bare wires shouldn’t have any issue.

Got the PWM wire to go in after some effort. The black one was really hard to get in. I am wondering if it was just a bad connector, because all the others were fine.

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