Trouble with Digital Sidecar (anyone else seen/had this?)

So I decided to set up the cRio and basic components and run some basic code.

We are using Java and so I ran some of the default code to assure all systems were functioning, and it worked just fine.

However when I went to use my own code it didn’t work. I must have edited and redeployed code 40-50 times with no success, editing and changing it.

Anyway I eventually found out that even though my code was using the 1 and 2 channel, the jaguars and motors were responding on channels 3 and 4.

I am curious is anyone else has had this problem.

I am looking for a real solution, but if not I found out that if I use channels 3 and 4 in code it will using 1 and 2 and so just wrote my own Jaguar class that extends the original and just remakes what port it uses. (in my code I put 1, but my modified Jaguar class will silently pass on channel 3, so it looks like it is working properly). So i basically used visualization to rewire the digital sidecar. Not a bad temp fix for someone using Java for 2 months with a rookie team.

Just shooting in the dark here, but is the cable between the cRio and Sidecar wired OK? Verify, don’t just look at it.

Go here and read the section on DB37 rework.

This could potentially be your problem.

Ah, I will be looking at this tomorrow. Thanks!