Trouble With Flashing the cRIO with 2012 software This is what we are receiving when we try to push the new image to the cRIO. There are no images to push!! I have been able to find the image zip file, but as you can tell the software can’t find it.

Hey, our team had the same problem but fixed it by going to the kit of parts site on the first website.
Scroll down close to the bottom and look for the NI utilities update
this should get you the new set of Imaging tools needed for this year.

As far as the image. Just run the setup from the image file again to re install it.

Now find the 2012 frc cRIO imaging tool and your image should appear along with a picture of a 4-slot cRIO that shows your installed modules.
Now just simply set your teams IP address (instructions are in the program) and click the image you installed.

This should work, if not just either PM me and i can help you further.


The images come in the language specific updates at the bottom of this page: