Trouble with gray jaguars

We have potentially killed a gray jaguar. While updating the firmware, the Jaguar lost power and it won’t turn back on. We didn’t have problems with any other jaguar firmware updates and we were careful about updating the right firmware(black to black, gray to gray). Is there any way to bring it back to life? Please help us!!

Right now, the jaguar is most likely in bootloader state. No lights will turn on, and it will look like it is bricked. If you are using serial, the BDC-comm app has a recover function in the same menu as update firmware. Use that to fix it

We tried using the recover option but it didn’t work. It is still potentially dead. Any other suggestions?

If you remember the ID on the jag, I think there is a command line option for bdc-comm that tries a different recovery method. Look around on the CAN subforum for the exact command

Can anyone lead us to the info on how to return bad jaguars for replacement?
I seem to recall having read something in a post last month but cant find or remember it.
I called Digikey and got nowhere.


This post in FIRST Forums has the new Jaguar RMA procedure described.

It is linked from the Luminary Micro FIRST Jaguar page.

I saw that page, but missed the RMA section halfway down.