Trouble with Labview Simulation

I am having trouble getting the simulator in Labview to work and I am looking for help on this matter. I have no Idea how to get code to run or how to apply said code.

Please explain what you are doing that works and what you are doing that doesn’t work.

Gre gMcKskle

I am trying to set up a simulator on Labview and while I have been able to make a robot on it, I do not know how to impliment a code to affect the simulated robot. If you could help me that would be most appreciated.

Open the project that contains the simulated robot. Open the cRIO target and double click the RobotMain file to open it. If you look in the lower left corner of the window, the text selector will tell you where the RobotMain will run and will allow you to change where it will run.

By default, it will open to targeted to the cRIO. Right click on the label and choose the My Computer option. After it unloads and reloads the VIs, you can press the run button and it will automatically open the Simulator window and the VIs will communicate with the physics engine. You right click again to move the VI back to the cRIO.

The default VI with no code changes will run arcade. You can open the html document in the project to learn how the sensors are wired on the robot and practice writing code to use them.

Greg McKaskle

How would I target a cRio, is it a virtual one or a physical one? If it is a virtual one where would a find one?

If the lower left says CompactRIO, that is the target it will download to. If it say MyComputer, it will run against the Simulator described by the files in the MyComputer section.

Greg McKaskle

Check out this thread:

Post #3 contains the powerpoint presentations from our team’s beta test presentation, which includes pictures and a step-by-step process of how to setup a simulator