trouble with LV deploy over wireless after 2017.1 DS update and 17.3 radio update?

I blasted a note out to teams attending our district competition next week reminding them that the 2017.1 update is out and is required.

One of the responses I got was “we applied it, and now we cannot deploy our labview code over the wireless”. They can deploy over USB, and they were able to deploy over wireless with 2017.0 installed.

I believe that they also did the 2017.3 radio update at the same time.

They updated 2017.1 without uninstalling 2017.0.

Any thoughts as to how to restore their wireless deploy capability? I understand them wanting not to uninstall all the NI software, the LV install is a chunk of time, but if a complete uninstall is necessary to apply the update, that’s good to know.

found my own answer: