Trouble with PlayingwithFusion ToF sensor

We are unable to access the setup page for the Playing with Fusion ToF sensor. I’ve followed the directions and tested with multiple RoboRios with no luck. I’ve tried emailing the company, and they are not responding. Has anyone gotten this sensor to work with Labview this year?

CAN Bus Time of Flight Range, Distance, and Proximity Smart Sensor


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We have had the same issue. We found that we can get it to work when we went back to the 2022 RIO image but once we went to 2023 the device would not initialize without an error.

Hoping a revised library is made available but have been waiting for about 2 weeks.

We have been told that it does work for JAVA for 2023 but I have yet to get that far.

Hi guys,

We have been able to recreate this issue and are trying to identify the root cause. It apparently only shows up on LabVIEW, and not C++ or Java. We have been in contact with a couple of teams directly, but feel free to reach out, as well. Hoping to have a resolution tomorrow and will keep you in the loop via our website.

Owner, Playing With Fusion


Did this get resolved?

Yes, see the updated instructions on the PWF website (further description here:)