Trouble with Pressure Switch

The first time we start up our robot and reach max pressure, the emergency relief valve “burps”, then after this initial burp, the pressure switch starts to work and turn the compressor off when we reach 115psi and on when we drop below 95psi.

I’m not exactly sure why this is… the only thing we’ve done is touch the leads on the compressor switch with a voltmeter (did this help make it work in some way)…

Has anyone else experienced this weirdness?

What pressure is your emergency relief valve set to release pressure at? (Have you calibrated it?)

Not sure. It seems to be going off at around 115 to 120
Our lead mentor said I didn’t have to calibrate the emergency pressure switch because it comes pre-calibrated these days… but I did see that note that in the manual. I guess i need to calibrate it…!!!

It depends on which one you have. The one you can buy from McMaster is pre-calibrated, and cannot be user adjusted. The other one (which has been around much longer, and used to be included in the KOP) requires user calibration.