trouble with pwm speed controller

team 368 kika mana

our team is having trouble with the speed controllers for our robot. it seems that the connector won’t fit…is anyone else having this problem?

If you are referring to the PWM connector, it will fit, just tightly. In the past there were problems with them falling out so this is why it is made this way. When you puch it in just make sure that you are not going to bend the pins inside.

—> ok, thank you very much. i’ll go and double check on that


There are two types of pwm cables in use today. One style is made by Hitec and JR. The other style is made by Futaba. The Futaba is called a J style because it has a polarizing tab on one side (see near the bottom of the page).

If you are trying to use the J style, you must cut off the tab for it to fit correctly.

Hope this helps.

—> thank you