trouble with the holonomic drive

Hello everyone,
Me and my team decided to use mecanum wheels for our robot.
We programmed the robot to drive backwards,forward,left and right.
Now the driver wants us to program the robot to rotate around it self using the z axis (we bought a special joystick):,en

We’re not quite sure how to do it and we would really aprecciate help :slight_smile:
attached what we’ve done with the holonimic so far

Thanks everyone

holonomic (17.4 KB)

holonomic (17.4 KB)

Haven’t done this before, but try reading the 3rd axis (1 is usually X axis, 2 is usually Y).


instantiate each of your motors independently and set values with the motor’s “Set Speed” icon. This would completely eliminate the Holonomic drive issue, because you would take it’s place with setting and instantiating each motor.

Respond if you did/did not understand